5 Times Your Business Needs Professional Printing Services


These days we can print just about anything at home or in the office on our inkjet or laser printers. The thing is, personal and small business printers still have yet to surpass the quality of professional printing services.

While it’s fine to print paperwork, and emergency letterhead and business cards yourself, ideally a professional should produce anything that represents your company. After all, your printed assets often set the first impression.

5 Times to Use Professional Printing Services

A professional printer uses a printing press to produce everything from business cards to posters, publications, and forms. These days you also have a print on demand option as there are professional digital printers that produce quality prints far beyond anything you could do at home. With all the technology available, modern print shops have a lot to offer.

1. Company Brochures, Newsletters, and Direct Mail Marketing Services

Among the services that you’ll get from hiring a professional are newsletter, brochure, and direct mail design. Not only will they print this marketing collateral, but some printers are also experts when it comes to direct mail marketing campaigns. What that means for you is they will also provide a mailing list and mailing services—including metering, shipping, and bulk mail for your company’s campaign.

2. Coil, Wire, and Perfect Binding

If your business produces reports, booklets, manuals, and other paperwork that needs binding, it’s easy to take it to the printer and have them help pick the exact type of binding to fit your needs. Coil, wire, and perfect binding are all options.

3. Advertising Specialty Items

Think tradeshows trade shows and event giveaways. A professional can help you select from key chains, pens, hats, and more. Then brand it with your company’s logo to get its name in front of prospects and customers.

4. Full-Color Custom Banners

Whether it’s a banner for a wedding, sports, tradeshow, or another advertisement, full custom banners are another time that you’ll want to consult with a pro.

5. Company Branding

Ultimately, printed material is all about branding for your business. In addition to all the digital collateral we have these days—We still need the physical branding that comes with business cards, brochures, posters, and specialty items.