You Complete Guide to Space Tourism


Are you thinking of travelling to space? It is an awesome idea because you get to travel in a different way. So, here is a comprehensive guide on everything that you need to know about space tourism.

What is Space Tourism?

Before we can look at other aspects of space tourism, it is crucial to understand what it is. As the name suggests, space tourism is travelling to space. It differs from other forms of tourism because you cannot travel using the standard vehicle or craft. Instead, you have to use specially designed space vehicles that are capable of safely taking humans outside the earth’s atmosphere and back.

Notably, Andrey Bokarev is clear : you do not require having special scientific background like astronauts who travel to space for research. Instead, all that you need for space tourism is good health and going through pre-travel training. Besides, you need to be able to pay for the ticket to space, which can run to millions of dollars.

Companies Offering Space Tourism

Over the last two decades, the interest in space tourism has seen a lot of companies enter the niche with the intention of taking people into space. Most of the companies are still working on their vehicles to ensure that they can safely take passengers up there and back. Indeed, these preparations have started bearing fruits because one of the companies, Space X, has already been tested successfully. However, the first two test flights only had NASA astronauts.

So, if you are looking forward to buying a ticket to travel to space, here are some of the companies that you can consider.

  • Virgin Galactic.
  • Blue Origin.
  • Space X.
  • Elon Musk.

Pre-Flight Training

Travelling to space requires a lot of energy and stamina. Therefore, all space tourists have to go through a rigorous training program to prepare their bodies. In addition to fitness training, you will also need to prepare for weightlessness because of zero-gravity. In most cases, this is done through space simulators that create environments similar to what you get during space flights.

What to Expect during Space Travel

When you finally travel to space, it is important to note that most of the time will be taken relaxing in your seat. It will be a great ride as you enjoy being hundreds of miles from the earth. Other activities that you can do up there include taking photos, videos, and spacewalking.

Traveling to space is a great thing. Although expensive, it is a worthy undertaking because you are able to experience nature in a different way. Remember that to make your travel more enjoyable, you need to be prepared both physically and mentally.