What are the Types of Belt Conveyors?


There are different kinds of belt conveyors available and in use today. These consist of both basic purpose and specialized belts that can be used in different applications today. A crucial point to note is that a conveyor system is comparable to the belt made use of on it. Extra effective systems have much more reliable conveyor belts, as well as vice versa. Here, this article discusses about the different types of belt conveyors used.

  • Plastic belting and chain conveyor: These are light-weight, very long-lasting and put on resistant belts offered for usage in different applications. One of the most common applications of these belts remains in locations where rust and use resistance is very urged, such as the food production as well as processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, and production sectors among others.
  • Joint metal belted conveyor: This is a hinged metal conveyor belt that integrates both machined chip and scrap removal procedures. The belts of this quality are extremely long-lasting as well as very advised for use in sophisticated markets needing specialty handling of hefty products as well as those operating in a high-temperature setting.
  • Woven cable belted conveyor: These are low and high-temperature conveyor belts whose use is highly suggested in areas where rapid drying is called for. A typical application of the belts is in cleaning, food preparation, blanching, cooking, pasturing, dewatering, as well as freezing among others.
  • Flatwork ironer belts: Flatwork ironer belts are belted conveyors made from flatwork iron. They are used mainly in the textile and other industries.

When you have the ideal belt for the right task, it becomes less complicated to attain your targets and goals than when you have the incorrect belt. Once obtained, the belt can be cleaned up, maintained and replaced as might be needed.