Rewind Systems Model Selection Guide


Label rewind systems allow you to roll up your labels as they come out of the printer. Without a rewinder, you’ll need to hand-roll the labels once printing is complete. Our rewinders produce neat, tight rolls that just cannot be replicated by hand-rolling your labels. You’ll save both time and money as you accurately count, serialize, validate, and rewind your labels with any of our label rewind models.

Our rewind systems come in a variety of styles with different core sizes, label widths, roll diameters, and other option choices, however, all of our systems are quiet and easy to use. The biggest problem you’ll have is choosing which one is right for you.

Our rewind systems model selection guide will walk you through our different models and help you pick the perfect model for your company’s needs.

Bi-Directional Rewind Systems Model Selection Guide

WT-35VS Vision Capable System

This bi-directional rewinding system produces high-quality rolls in both directions. It is fast and easy-to-use with practically no set up required. The WT-35VS Vision Capable model integrates with almost any vision system solution and is a great option for rewinding large master rolls into smaller rolls of a specific number or length of labels.

WT-35VS Serialization System

This rewinder model allows you to gain a better understanding of your inventory while offering greater control of your labels. When properly utilized, you can ensure that your company is government compliant while increasing consumer safety. The use of the serialization system can improve pricing accuracy, thereby reducing consumer claims and costs associated with packaging error chargebacks.


The WT-35 Rewind System quickly and accurately counts and rewinds labels in either direction, constantly producing high-quality rolls. This bi-directional rewind system is pedestal-mounted for high visibility. It has a back-lit touch screen with a dual preset, allowing you to set one point for deceleration and another point for final stop counts.


Our WT-36 RFID Rewinder allows you to save time and money through fast and accurate label counting. Easily integrate your read/write RFID functional system and program your RFID tags with the Web Techniques WT-36 Rewind System. This bi-directional rewind system is easy to set up and simple to use with a built-in photoelectric counting system which triggers the RFID read/write function.

Rewind Systems Model Selection Guide


The WT-30LCI Rewind System is fast and easy to use with minimal set-up time. This pedestal-mounted system can quickly rewind large master rolls into rolls of predetermined count or length using a built-in, state-of-the-art photoelectric counting system. The unique control system offers infinite motor speed and will automatically “over speed” the system, meaning that it can rewind smaller diameter cores at twice the rate of discontinued models like the WT-25 System Series.


Quickly rewind large master rolls into smaller rolls with specific label counts using the quick and easy-to-use WT-30LC Rewind System. The built-in photoelectric counting feature provides an accurate count and missing label detection with the ability to wind labels in or out. This Web Techniques Rewind System has constant speed control so that you can automatically maintain your desired web speed.


The WT-30 Rewind System offers a variable speed control system that “over speeds” the motor automatically, allowing you to rewind cores with smaller diameters at twice the speed of the WT-25 Rewind System series. It offers standard 10” and 12” counts or metric increments with the ability to adjust from 0.1” to 99” measurements. Additionally, this rewind system is future-proofed so you can easily upgrade to a label counting system.


This Web Techniques rewinder system with a stainless steel rewind surface is a fast and easy option for winding labels. It offers a highly visible, back-lit screen with touch control and counts in either English or metric units. The dual preset allows you to set one point for deceleration and another for the final stop.


The WT-5LC Rewinder by Web Techniques can quickly and accurately rewind and count your labels, saving you time and money. This system touts a 30-degree vertical bias to utilize gravity for great rewind results. The WT-5LC counts all label types, both paper and clear, to ensure that you can complete every rewind job.


The WT-5 Rewind System is fast and easy to use, requiring very little set up time. It is compatible with almost any counting system and can rewind up to 12” diameter and 7” wide rolls weighing over 30 pounds. The WT-5 Rewinder is a compact tabletop system with industrial capabilities, allowing you precise, professional results in a small package.

Using Our Rewind Systems Model Selection Guide

This rewind systems model selection guide can help you review our variety of rewinders so you understand your options prior to making a purchase. From our assortment of bi-directional rewind systems to our wide range of rewind systems, you are certain to find a label rewinder that meets your specific needs.

Discontinued models include the WT-15 System, WT-20 System, and the WT-25 System Series. Our rewind systems model selection guide is available for your convenience, and we’ll be happy to assist you in the selection process.