Increasing Car Lawsuits In the US And How Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Can Help

Car crash on major highway during rainfall at night. Ambulance in foreground and police car in background.

According to recent reports, there has been a significant spike in lawsuits over car crashes all over the United States. To cite but one example, car crash-related litigations have increased in New York in the last two years even though there was a marked decline in motor vehicle accidents in the city.

The reason behind this may be that more and more people are actually ending on the right side of these lawsuits. Again, to cite the findings from a 2015 survey, as many as 65% of people who filed car accident lawsuits ended up winning their cases.

According to a report published by the National Highway Traffic Society, 93 percent of car crashes occur due to human error. Normally, if you happen to be involved in an auto accident caused by another driver’s negligence, the latter’s insurance company is liable to pay for your damages. However, insurers will often shortchange the injured party by paying much less than he or she deserves. There could also be payment delays, disagreements regarding who was at fault, and other such inconveniences. This is where you can opt to file a car or auto accident lawsuit (also called tort or personal injury cases) to seek proper compensation for the harm done to you.

Car Lawsuits and Attorney Anthony Van Johnson

If, however, you do decide to file a lawsuit, you need to seek advice from a reputed and experienced personal injury attorney with a long record of handling such cases. A good personal injury lawyer will first of all be able to tell you whether or not you have a strong case and if yes, and how much your case is worth.

Keep in mind that insurance companies have resident lawyers on their payroll who specialize in these types of lawsuits. So, unless you have a strong representation on your side, the chances are that you may not win the case. And this is where Attorney Anthony Van Johnson can help you.

Attorney Anthony Van Johnson

Anthony Overton Van Johnson is a certified professional lawyer providing services in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury, Divorce, Nursing Home Abuse and Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, and DUI & DWI. He has a long and illustrious record of handling many different types of personal injury cases including car accident lawsuits and has helped many unfortunate individuals recover compensations they rightfully deserve.

Attorney Van Johnson is members of the Georgia Trials Lawyer Association, Georgia Bar Association, American Bar Association (ABA), and American Association for Justice (AAJ) and has experience representing clients in over 40 courts across several metropolitan regions in the State of Georgia. Positive reviews from many satisfied clients bear testimony to Attorney Johnson’s superior skills as a lawyer as also to his responsible and professional approach to his job.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson: Legal Career

A multi-talented individual, Attorney Johnson had spent considerable time in the nuclear industry and also performed worldwide as a professional musician before embarking on his legal career. These previous qualifications and exposures gave Anthony the necessary confidence that he can survive and survive well in the highly competitive field of law and legal services. After working for one and a half year at a law firm, he opened his own law firm, Anthony Overton Van Johnson & Associates, P.C. At Present, Anthony works as the managing attorney of the firm.

In recognition of his excellence as a lawyer, Anthony was recently selected as part of a delegation team (that included senior judges, law professors, and a distinguished team of experienced attorneys) that visited Cuba to discuss in detail the current system of justice in the country with the Minister of Justice’s Office in Cuba.