Create Your Own Product – It’s Easier Than You Think


Creating a new product may seem difficult at first, but the truth is, the process is easier than you think. Yes, from designing the product to making the first of it, the process is quite easy if you know how to. Let’s say you want to create a  sustainable packaging   product, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure to meet a specific need: If for example, you identify a gap in the type of product packaging used by the local manufacturers, you may decide to come up with a sustainable packaging idea. Identifying the specific purpose of your product helps you to scale it and create a value chain process. It also gives you a point of focus for the business.
  2. Source for local materials: While there may be a need to source materials from far places, it is a great idea to use local materials. There are several reasons for this: local materials are usually cheaper and reduce production costs. Using local materials also increases the economic value of your locality, something which positively impacts your business. Finally, it is easier to inspect local materials before purchase.
  3. Keep the production process as simple as possible: You can always tell how difficult it will be to create a product from the early steps. Once you conceive the idea, the best step forward is finding the easiest way to make the product a reality without compromising on its quality. This concept of keeping a product as simple as possible without reducing its quality will save you a lot in terms of financial costs. If you have to, cut down on energy cost by going green, source for organic materials that reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Target your consumers rightly: No product is complete without the right marketing strategy. It could be something simple or complex, depending on your product and audience. For products like sustainable packaging, you only need to contact businesses that are switching or eco-friendly products.
  5. Monitor and review your product: Your product might be great in its first exposure in the market, but contact improvement is key to keeping it there. This is why you should collect feedback regularly through online and offline channels, add new features to the product, and improve the quality (if possible). As time goes on, production costs may increase. Learn to scale your product to keep the profit margin respectable.