Best Professional Photography Service: How Would You Choose?


Communicate effectively, yes, but how? It’s proven, images are more eye-catching than text alone. Indeed, photos and videos considerably increase the impact of a web publication. Since communication is important to your brand, choosing a high quality photography services  can be vital to how customers perceive your brand.

The advantage of an image is that it can be used both on the web and on paper: from business cards to flyers and email signatures, we are going to explore all the possibilities for distributing this medium.

Before that, we will see what types of services are available to you and especially why it is important to invest in a corporate photo report.

Why does a corporate photo report?

During its evolution, a company needs to have qualitative professional photos for its communication. Investing in a photo report for your own business means making sure you have unique and personal images. It is to reflect the company as it exists today. It is therefore important to keep your communications up to date and to regularly plan photo-shoots.

Much more original than the royalty-free images purchased on a site to which everyone has access, tailor-made photos allow you to present your own team and know-how. This is one of the actions implemented during a “story-telling”campaign. Indeed, publishing content about the members of your team is to humanize your communication and allow customers, prospects and even partners to become attached to the company through its history.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”:

In fact, a corporate photo report allows the values ​​of the company to be translated into images, to highlight the employees and to promote their specialty and their technical gestures.

  • Depending on the job, showing your face is sometimes essential. Sharing your photo through several communication media is making yourself accessible. Here is a very simple example that we send to all salespeople: when you meet for the first time a publicized personality (actor, musician, politician, journalist or other), you have seen it so much in pictures on TV, on the internet, in the newspapers that you feel like you already know him. With your future customers, it’s exactly the same. If they’ve seen you in pictures before, they’ll feel like they know you from your first meeting and naturally trust you.
  • To make sure you have a modern and sophisticated approach, an aesthetic suited to the business, it is wise to hire a professional photographer. On the day of the photo shoot, he makes sure to put the team members at ease by reassuring them, giving them ideas for poses and expressions. Then, he sorts through the dozen or even hundreds of files to keep only the best photos. In order to sublimate the photo, he can also make some alterations: improve the framing and colors, reduce or even remove small imperfections (buttons, redness). It can also adapt their size and format according to the use you will make of them: large and very qualitative for printing or rather light, optimized for the web.

Now that we know why it’s important to invest in a corporate photo report, let’s list the possibilities available to you.

What types of corporate photos are there?

The collaborator portrait

Offering each member of the team the opportunity to have a professional photo of them allows for the overall consistency of company communications and increases everyone’s sense of belonging.