4 Butcher’s Equipment That You Can’t-Miss In Your Business



Whether you are thinking of opening a butcher shop or renovating your business, you need to have the right butchery equipment to optimize the processing of your meat products.

Optimizing your business processes will help you streamline service and provide higher quality products to your consumers.

Meat processing equipment is not only useful for butchers. Also, they can be used in fast-food establishments, restaurants, food trucks …,  

That said, we will reveal to you which are the five butcher teams that should not be missing in your business.

Meat Grinder

Ground meat is in great demand, as it is an ingredient that is used in many preparations due to its many advantages: it does not have to be minced or has bones, and it is also very quick to cook, compared to whole meat. 

Therefore, you must have a meat grinder in your butcher shop. These tools made of stainless steel are very useful when it comes to processing large amounts of meat, as they can run continuously and for long hours.


This is another piece of equipment that should not be missing in your butcher shop. With a cubicadora, you can cut, in a few seconds and safely, your meat products in a homogeneous way.

In addition to saving time and increasing your production levels, the cubing machines provide other benefits for your business:

    • High-quality cuts are obtained faster
    • They are durable
    • They offer security


  • They are configurable


Continuous Massagers

This butchery equipment is of great importance in meat processing, as it improves the quality and image of products processed in injection lines. In addition, they adapt easily to any product that requires gentle treatment, with the guarantee of effective massage.

Pneumatic Stuffing Machines

Pneumatic stuffing machines are another essential type of industrial equipment for butchers; However, they are also very useful in any business that has an industrial kitchen, because it facilitates the mass production of quality sausages with good hygiene and safety. 

The stuffing machines are made of stainless steel and are therefore durable. In addition, they have an automated stuffing cycle that allows a single person to perform the function of stuffing or stuffing of large muscle.

If you have any questions, at Schaumburg Specialties we can help you. Our equipment is made of stainless steel to guarantee its durability and food safety. Furthermore, they are easy to clean.